The Results

Feedback From Our Authors

Dan Weedin on Jan 17, 2017 – Exemplary Service

"One of the benefits of working with Ingemar and his staff at Reprospace is the exemplary client service. Whenever I had a question, needed an answer quickly, or had issues or concerns, they were fast to respond and provide solutions. They are able to be nimble, act swiftly on your behalf, and do it with a smile on their face. In the ever-changing world of publishing, this commitment to authors through strong customer service is refreshing. If you have a book that you want to be printed, look no further than Reprospace. You'll be well taken care of and your book (and you) will be better off from the experience."

Fred Just on Feb 06, 2017

"Reprospace is the go-to printer if you would like to have something published. Maybe you just want to record your important events in your life to have something to pass on to your children or others. Or maybe you have a novel or novelette to publish. The Kitsap Publishers can help you. They are very knowledgeable and helpful. They have helped me in an unfamiliar are0 (publishing) which I had almost no knowledge. Above all they are straight forward and honest."

Jim O'meara – North American Survival Systems

"As usual, the product was delivered on time with unquestionable quality. I owe my success to visually transmitting the value of my products. I love the personal service and attention to detail. Thank you Billy, Barbara, and Ingemar."

Ronald Lamont Canfield on Mar 14, 2017 - EXCELLENT SERVICE

Having researched the various publishing options available to writers today... the grueling process of traditional publishing via literary agents, self-publishing, and hybrid-publishing... the discovery of Kitsap Publishing was a dream come true for a local author. To me it was a perfect match... my ability to support a local publisher, and Kitsap Publishing's ability to support a local author. From day one we tackled my project as a team; and that was not limited solely to my novel itself, but included poster design and printout for my very successful inaugural book signing. I highly recommend Kitsap Publishing to any author looking to capture their literary talents in print; whether simply a single copy for yourself, a few copies for friends and family, or to get your works out to the masses.

Bob and Chris Caims – Author Coach

"I have been extremely satisfied. For sure a five star rating. They gave me excellent advice on how to publish a book ... When the book sold very well, they printed 100 copies of the book on very short notice (2 days). This helped facilitate sales which were happening very rapidly in a very compressed time (one week) and helped raise money for scholarships ... Highly recommend them as an outstanding company to do business with."

Penny Zimmerman, Author of Life and Times of C.K. Justin

"I finally saw my book last Sunday when one of the women brought her book for me to sign. I love the artwork and font, thank Bill and the artist for a job well done. It's going to be a winner because of their work. I greatly appreciate everything your crew has done."

Dan's book is now his cornerstone for his business that attracts hundreds of new clients every year. 

Fred's book is now a staple at Barnes & Noble and sells very well. Fred has become an authority in the history of the northwest. His book is also available in most libraries of the Northwest. 

Ron's book has found many readers that love his writing style and the stories he tells. His book is available worldwide in bookstores and libraries.